Finest Day- & Nightwear

Finest Day- & Nightwear

Right in the heart of the Black Forest we produce nightwear for her and him and daywear for him for more than 70 years. Our credo: Highest quality in material and workmanship. Our measurement is the artisanry of tailoring. We only process best fabrics specifically produced by weaving mills and knitwear factories in Europe. This is where we put our cards on the table. A sign at our factory outlet next to the production line invites to visit the production of our fabrics.
The way we work is unequalled in our department:

by hand

In our factories we produce to the highest standards of tailoring. It is an art to manually process finest fabrics and other choice materials into garments. For us, this is a passion – not a chore.


We do not manufacture under license due to the fact that generally 20-25% of royalties are included in the price of a license product. This means that "big brands" must either offer similar products at a correspondingly higher price or significantly lower quality both in material and manufacturing. We therefore prefer to invest in our own brand so that we can offer much better value for money.

Feel it

You cannot recognize the exceptional at first glance. Mainly you feel it on your skin. Due to our long experience we have a feeling for the selection of first-class fabrics which we order from leading European weavers and knitters.


Insights into our production.

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Discover our freshly new versions of the classic pyjama for the new season, in subtle colours and modern shapes.

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